Anyone is capable of change, but sometimes we can’t do it alone. We often need help to fully explore the factors that create barriers to change.  My belief is that we must understand how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are connected in order to make lasting change. As such, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) provides the foundation for my work, and together, we will explore how to manage emotions, change behavior, and adjust patterns of thinking to fit the life that you want to live.

Tailoring my services to fit the needs of the individual, I also integrate other forms of therapy as required, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), existential therapy, shame-resilience therapy, and person centered therapy.  Empathy and compassion are essential to the healing process, and my goal is to always develop a collaborative relationship with my clients through nourishing, encouraging and inspiring discussions regarding the healing processes.

If you are seeking support around issues related to eating and body image, I will guide you in working on developing a healthy relationship with food and your body. We will explore how to regain a sense of trust in yourself and your body, and return to an intuitive way of engaging with food. My belief is that all foods can fit in our lives in moderation, and it is when we can quiet the messages about “good and bad” foods and listen to what our bodies are telling us that we can start to make peace with food.